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Walnut Live Edge Coffee Table with Copper Flowers

So I have a lot to share about my projects through this past summer and fall. Stay tuned as I continue to add to my blog! This walnut piece is one of my favorites. Inspired by a fallen oak tree that had beautiful character, I thought it would be a perfect base for a walnut slab I had been holding onto. So I harvested part of the oak tree base, ran a torch over the piece, sanded the char out of it, but not too far so as to not lose the the age of it, and poured lacquer over it to finish. The aged walnut slab was harvested here in the Hudson Valley. It was a long thin slab. So I cut it in 2, grain matched as best as I could, drilled dowels into the slabs to join. I then used cocobolo bow tie inlays for not only the darkened look against an already dark walnut, but for structural integrity. I sanded to a 300 grit, and finished with tung oil. Where the wood separates, I hand-made copper flower vines wrapped around copper rods, and topped it with a piece of tempered glass. Final result: A one of a kind coffee table... my client was absolutely thrilled!

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1 Comment

Dec 31, 2020

Josh I love my table so much!! It really is one of a kind, I can‘t thank you enough!

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